Piloting and Good Practices Evaluation

work package 3

The work package includes five main tasks:

  1. Building code difference analysis and requirements to BIM models is studied and solutions to most remarkable issues are proposed.
  2. BIM operated planning permission pilot is task in which an application for building planning permission for a selected building is processed by actual stakeholders. This is intended to be carried out in all involved countries.
  3. Evaluation of BIM benefits and weaknesses recognized on pilot case. The experiences and results of the process in task 2 is documented and disseminated in seminars.
  4. Practices in BIM operated building projects and management. In this task experiences of using BIM tools and processes are collected from different building projects: Oulu Kastelli community centre life-cycle based building in use phase, Pudasjärvi school as an example of life-cycle model based building under construction, Oulu Hiukkavaara community centre building based on alliance project model in planning and implementation phase.
  5. Evaluation of the experienced practices. The experiences are collected and documented as instructions for designers and public sector authorities.

The work package will contribute to increased knowledge and understanding of how building code differences should be handled in BIM processes, how building planning permission process can be carried out by using BIM models/processes and how BIM is used in multiple stakeholder environment for implementing sustainable buildings. The key questions are how the collected code difference information will be put to BIM and how the energy efficiency methods can be used as a part of BIM technology and process implementations.