Update to events by ICNB-project

Recent actions in ICNB -project include two workshops held during winter 2019 in Oulu, Finland. The workshop for professionals in building supervision offices on November 23, 2018 was a success with 25 participants. Arranged in co-operation by Oulu Building Supervision and Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OUAS), experts from building supervision offices in Vantaa, Järvenpää & Hyvinkää and Oulu worked jointly with enterprise experts (YIT Ltd.) about how to digitalize the process of applying building permission. Also, few experimental pilots about it have been completed in towns of Järvenpää and Vantaa. General opinion was that building plans by BIM should be used in applications for building permission – and it will happen sooner or later throughout the country and Nordic countries.

Another workshop was initiated with experts at Luleå University of Technology. The theme “Potential benefits, challenges and success factors in using BIM” was led and mediated by LTU experts Susanne Engström and Sofia Lidelöw, assisted by Mary Lundberg. They succeeded very well in very challenging topic “how to get Finns talk more about their professional topics” and even encouraged participants to do some brainstorming. Oulun Building Supervision Office hosted the workshop at Oulun Ympäristötalo, with 20 participants coming from academia and construction industry (YIT, Lehto, Bonava, Arkkitehtitoimisto Lukkaroinen, Luoarkkitehdit). The results of the workshop will be shown in the final deliverable of the ICNB WP3 “BIM use and Implementation for sustainable building”, to be published in early 2020.