ICNB -project was invited for clustering event

The main funding organization the Nord -program invited ICBN -project to the “Arctic Project Clustering Event” on May 10-11, 2017, in Skellefteå, Sweden. The two-day collaboration event gathered about 100 specially invited experts from all over the Arctic, rural regions. The main idea of the event was to support and encourage projects funded by four European Union -programs to explore synergies and opportunities for collaboration.

Three ICBN key experts received personal invitations to the event. Sofia Lidelöw from Luleå University of Technology, Markku Hienonen from Oulu Building Supervision Office and professor Björn Reidar Sörensen from The Arctic University of Tromsö. The ICNB experts participated together with five other energy related projects to the event which, besides Energy efficiency, covered three more action clustering themes, namely Entrepreneurship, E-Health and Bio-economy.

“It is good to know who the people are working at the program and project levels. Also, it was great to talk with colleagues and other professionals working with similar issues and challenges in the Arctic region”, summed up Sofia Lidelöw, assistant professor from Luleå University of Technlogy – who also presented the ICBN-project to the audience of the event.

“Meeting with other colleagues and key program persons opened our eyes for more opportunities and new options which are currently available for energy-related actions, especially for cold and harsh regions”, concluded Markku Hienonen about experiences and feedback gained during the event.

The clustering event was organizes by three EU Interreg programs, namely NPA, Nord and Botnia-Atlantica, and the European Neighbouring Instrument (ENI CBC) program Kolarctic, all operating in overlapping rural regions in Nordic and Atlantic/Russian districts.  During the event, the organizers launched a new funding opportunity – clustering projects that support targeted joint actions performed by (at least) three projects funded by any of the mentioned four programs.