ICNB-project meeting in Umeå 12-14th September 2017

The second ICNB project meeting was organized in Umeå University, Sweden. The partners from Oulu, Finland, Narvik, Norway, Luleå and Umeå, Sweden participated in the meeting. The host was Thomas Olofsson, professor at Umeå University. He explores issues related to energy efficiency in buildings, for example by analyzing the energy efficiency of analysis models.

Meeting was at Teknikhuset inside the vast campus of Umeå University, the group spent there the whole day going through project issues and work packages. One interesting aspect was whether university students from Oulu, Luleå, Umeå and Narvik, could work together as international teams to study and find out, among other things, building standard differences among the Nordic countries. International work would be educational and it would give students more perspective.

Patrik Harnerud, project manager at VLL (Västerbottens Läns Landsting), presented projects related to Umeå University Hospital and other hospitals in the region, and their BIM strategy. The Municipality of Umeå described their city model and policy related to buildings and the participant present had chance to discussions with local authority’s building supervision office.

The Project group had chance to visit the local construction site where they have used BIM. AB Bostaden's manager of Property Development, Berndt Elstig presented the site and told that the old apartment blocks were completely demolished and new three-story blocks of flats were built from the elements. Few of the houses has already new residents moved in.

The trip to Umeå was inspiring.  Next project meeting is in Alta, Norway in February 2018.


Written by Building Supervision Office (BSO), City of Oulu