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ICNB provides three work packages



BIM Use and Implementation for Sustainable Building

The work package deals with BIM technology and related process implementations to support sustainable building sector as well as BIM opportunities relating to the management of sustainable building in construction projects.

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Energy Efficiency Management in Model Based Building Information

The work package focuses on integration of energy data to BIM, particularly aimed for renovation projects, and deals with how the data can be addressed during the construction stage and updated during the operational stage of the building. 

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Piloting and Good
Practices Evaluation

The work package deals with BIM technologies and processes on an experimental level. The focus is in building code differences in Northern countries and in the implementation of energy efficiency methods in building processes. 

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Topics and stakeholders

Oulu Building Supervision, Ouli university of applied sciences, The arctic university of norway, Luleå university of technology, Umeå university